Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Syracuse's Michael Carter-Williams is going to the NBA

Both men gone
10) Given the amount of NCAA scrutiny, really no reason to think that future years are going to be very much fun

9) Just can't stand being in the presence of NCAA officiating any longer, and given his block call in the final seconds against Michigan, you can't really blame him

8) His jumper can't be any worse than Dion Waiters, and Waiters got paid

7) Betting that the NBA scouts will remember the Indiana game, rather than the Michigan one

6) If he stays for longer, might have to go to class or something

5) Tired of getting his money in envelopes, rather than direct deposit

4) Anyone who subjects themselves to multiple winters in upstate New York hates themselves much more than an NBA lottery pick (note: I went to SU for three years and graduated as quickly as possible)

3) Broke the school record for steals in a season, so there's really nothing more for him to do

2) If he stays any longer, won't be able to learn any defense but 2-3 matchup zone

1) He's projected as a lottery pick, and after the Kevin Ware injury, anyone that stays in college when there's serious money waiting is out of their mind

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