Saturday, April 13, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the Zach Greinke / Carlos Quentin Situation

Put On Your Red Ass And Dance
10) The Dodgers' overpaying for Greinke now appears to be a bad idea, a full three to six months ahead of when everyone was going to realize that

9) It's news to the national media that these two have a history, because that history happened in the AL Central, which isn't really part of the major leagues that the national media pays attention to

8) In the future, all pitchers making eight figures will be ordered by their management to turn and head for the bullpen with all speed

7) Quentin was suspended for eight games because Greinke doesn't drink enough milk

6) The Dodgers and Padres will play again on Monday, in a game where nothing like this brawl will happen, because baseball is just like that

5) For once, something important actually happened in a baseball brawl

4) Don Mattingly said that Quentin should be out as long as Greinke is hurt, as if Quentin isn't likely to get hurt on his own

3) The Dodgers were furious with Quentin for thinking that Greinke hit him on a 3-2 pitch with a 1-run lead as a leadoff hitter, as if Quentin is paying attention to time and circumstance

2) If you own Matt Kemp in your fantasy league, now might be the time to move him, since it seems very clear that the Dodgers are going to be involved in more than a few of these situations this year

1) It's somewhat telling that this is the first thing that's happened in MLB in 2013 that anyone wants to talk about, because, well, fighting is a lot more interesting to watch than baseball

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