Monday, May 27, 2013

A Small But Telling Moment In My Sixers Fandom

Not so much, Sean Casey
The other day, I was flipping through channels and saw that Comcast in my area, as part of what I assume is a pretty standard regional move, was replaying Game Seven of the Sixers-Raptors playoff series of 2001.

You know, the one where Vince Carter took grief for caring more about being at his UNC graduation ceremony early in the day, then missed at the buzzer to allow the AI / Mutumbo / McKie / Snow Sixers to escape into the third round against the Ray Allen / Sam Cassells / Glenn Robinson Bucks.

And as I watched this game, in which I knew the outcome in advance and lived with the sad knowledge that was Jumaine Jones' career, and having never really gotten into the whole phenomenon of watching rerun games...

Well, I was still more entertained than by any game the Sixers played this year.

Or, in all likelihood, next.

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