Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Knicks - Paceers Gamve Five: The Sound Of Losing Money

I won't pretend to care or cover this Pacers - Knicks series too much, because the games and teams just don't do very much for me, but the single salient point that I can make is this: if you like NBA Ref Conspiracy Theories -- and I know many of you do -- saddle up, folks. It's going to get thick.

Longer series = more product. Coverage of a Knicks - Heat series, with the sizable New York market getting interested beyond the hardcore everyday, would be dramatically more than the Pacers, Some betting people are going to shake out for Carmelo Anthony, especially against a hobbled Dwyane Wade; no one is going to take the Pacers against the defending champions. And so on.

And if the Pacers close the deal in five?

Well, that just means they really are that much better than the Knicks, no?

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