Friday, May 17, 2013

Pacers - Knicks Game Five: The Heat Win, Even When They Don't Play

Wish You Were Here
Up until the late going in this game, it looked like the Pacers might get the road steal they needed to achieve quasi-parity with the Heat in terms of rest, en route to their future hard fought series loss. But tonight in New York, they choked the bit down the stretch, and making matters even wore, shooting guard and best player George Hill has a concussion, and might also be out again for the next one.

At least Knicks coach Mike Woodson seems to be getting away from the dead weight that is Jason Kidd. The beyond veteran point guard is just an offensive hole right now, and there's really no reason for him to get minutes as anything more than a steadying influence if you are beset by turnovers.

While it's still highly likely that the home Pacers will be able to hold serve and close things out, because the Knicks right now are Carmelo Anthony and a special guest second shooter to be determined later, and that guy normally does not show up on the road... but, well, losing your best player is never a good thing, and it's especially not helpful when you are dealing with a star-free lineup like what the Pacers roll out there. (And, well, a sub-standard bench, especially for a probable Final Four team.)

Game Six is Saturday in Indy. If Game 7 is necessary, that would be Monday in New York. The road to the Finals was already going to be kitteny-soft for the defending champions; now, I'm starting to wonder if the NBA will even make them play all four games.

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