Monday, May 6, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Brookly Nets aren't bringing PJ Carlesimo back

Oh Noes
10) It's been a solid six months since they ran the last coach off, so by the historic standards of the franchise, they were due

9) It's making their negotiations to bring in Latrell Sprewell to work as a PR consultant awkward

8) Didn't show the coaching acumen required to make Brook Lopez rebound or play defense

7) Gerald Wallace's jumper shows that any coaching the team has been getting has been purely theoretical

6) Losing to random people pulled off a Chicago street who were then given Bulls jerseys was more than a little disturbing

5) Kept asking if the team could move back closer to his old Seton Hall digs

4) Like every other coach with a coaching vacancy, certain they can get Phil Jackson, and convince Jackson that he's not old

3) Did not prevent the Knicks from being worse than them

2) Deron Williams needed a fresh coach scalp

1) Team just realized they had him as the head coach now, rather than just as an assistant

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