Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Dwight Howard might leave the Lakers

What, Me Leave?
10) It's just team #2 in his league-wide quest to become the most hated NBA player ever

9) Team might not go along with his need to collect the fresh coaching scalp of Mike D'Antoni

8) Doesn't want to be with a team that has a rich history of big men who actually succeed in the playoffs

7) Wants to become the first big man in NBA history to publicly bitch about playing with Steve Nash

6) Would rather not play with an aging superstar on the downside of a legendary career, which is why Dallas is such an attractive destination

5) You can't expect him to want to stay in LA when multiple towns in Texas, Cleveland and Atlanta come calling

4) Team keeps pulling him from late and close games, just because he shoots free throws about as well as a drunken Shaquille O'Neal

3) Knows that the franchise would never let a star player get a coach fired, unless that player was Magic Johnson, Nick Van Exel, Kobe Bryant  or Smush Parker

2) If he goes back to the LEastern Conference, might go back to losing deeper in the playoffs

1) Gets him away from Mean Old Kobe, Lunatic Metta, Broken Down Nash, Mopey Pau and the rest of the going nowhere Lakers

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