Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the NFL is pushing back the draft

Later Draft = More Commish Nooky
10) By having it in May, they better space out the calendar so that no one has to acknow- ledge the existence of other sports

9) Six full months of wondering who your team will draft is the perfect gift to give to fans of terrible franchises

8) Less time in OTAs means that the games will be crisper, since fewer spots will be taken by emerging rookies

7) This will spike interest in the draft combine, aka the annual reason to question the life choices of people who visit Indianapolis unless forced to by work

6) As with everything else involving the NFL in 2013, has to be somehow better for concussion diagnosis and treatment

5) With the planet's ever-increasing wacky weather, May for the draft means slightly less chance of a running into a blizzard that would impact the exercise

4) More time before the draft will give more free agents a chance to find, and then get cut by, new teams in the waiting period

3) With the draft happening later in the year, Jets Fan is more likely to be back in the stir for various crimes against humanity, which makes Roger Goodell's life easier

2) More time for the least useful columns of the year, the mock draft

1) It's what Goodell wants, and as we've seen with Scab Refs, the lockout, SaintsGate and a thousand other petty moments, What Roger Wants, Roger Gets

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