Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from 10 members of Congress urging Daniel Snyder to change the loathsome name of his NFL team

Hat Tip, Stephen Colbert
10) If this somehow ends with Snyder in Gitmo, we may finally see positive public opinions of Congress

9) From what I've heard on cable news for the past week, Congress is overstepping their bounds into what is clearly a job for the IRS

8) The Congress members also sent letters to Roger Goodell and the other 31 NFL franchises, because they've got that free franking thing going for them

7) This is clearly going to hurt the Washington's team sterling public reputation, and finally give people a reason to dislike Snyder

6) If you really want this team name to be over, you should be going after the media networks that routinely repeat the slur name, and, um, don't have to

5) The only reason why I'd be against Congress subpoenaing Snyder is that it would take him away from ruining his team, which he's proven to be uniquely good at

4) For everyone who snarkily notes that Congress has solved everything else and clearly has time to waste on Snyder, um, seriously, it's a letter from 10 people to stop a douche bag from being a racist in the biggest league in the land, so lighten up

3) I really hate agreeing with Greggggggg Easterbrook about anything, but honestly, no one *has* to say the team name or buy the gear, so just don't and it will eventually go away, along with Snyder

2) If Robert Griffin the Third said that he'd like this team name to be over, this team name would be over, so please feel free to ask him about this until he snaps

1)  If Snyder caves, it's clear that Native Americans will then move on to Kansas City, miners will target San Francisco, African-Americans will go after Cleveland, and gays will picket Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Oakland and Dallas

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