Saturday, May 4, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Celtic Elimination Day

I Enjoy Their Pain
The best day of the year for this NBA Fan. And it seems to come a little earlier every year, which just makes so much more of the NBA playoffs more enjoyable!

10) It's completely and utterly tragic that an ancient team in Year Six of a short-run three-year rent-a-championship plan had injuries

9) Jeff Green's magical ability to just charge blindly at the rim and draw blocking calls was finally exhausted by totally unfair foul calls

8) It was nice of the Knicks to allow an insane 20-0 run in something like 3 minutes of game time, just to remind me that life as an NBA fan is nothing if not life and soul threatening

7) Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce's desire to keep playing on the same team sounds cool, but gets kind of creepy when it's extended to eating dinner, going to the bathroom and sleeping in the same bed

6) If only they had Rajon Rondo, they would have to have found some other excuse for losing

5) If you aren't happy with rooting for the Knicks, I get that, but by finishing the series tonight, the prevented us from hearing for the rest of our lives about how they came back from 3-0 just like the 2004 STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB

4) Perhaps constructing a lineup with such over-the-top athleticism to have one blocked shot in a home elimination game (against 8 shots of their own being blocked) might speak to GM Danny Ainge not quite, um, knowing what he's doing

3) It was nice of them to bring in Jason Terry this year to replace Ray Allen, just so they didn't pollute the memory of Ray Allen

2) Avery Bradley has a bright future, if by bright you mean guy who plays like a poor man's Tony Allen, when they could of just, um, kept Tony Allen

1) On the bright side, their season lasted six games longer than Philly and Charlotte, and two games longer than Milwaukee

And now... sing along! It's tradition!

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