Monday, May 20, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the Pacers - Heat Beef

So Much Beef
10) I blame the NBA for giving us a 3-week layoff before the series begins

9) If this keeps up, America might actually get to know who is on the Pacers

8) Pacer Coach Frank Vogel says the Heat are just another team, which seems to irritate LeBron James, who would rather the Heat be known as a soul-killing corporation from a robotic dystopian future

7) Shane Battier says none of this matters, because when you are hundreds of years old, you lose the ability to remember a beef long enough to react to it

6) There is no truth to the rumor that this entire kerfluffle was invented by ESPN to fill up the next 72 hours of programming

5) It's OK to hate both of these teams and still like pro hoop, really, it is

4) We can look forward to a wildly over-officiated Game One, with technical fouls for mean looks and hurt feelings

3) The Heat seem very surprised that their opponents keep trying to play defense against them, and don't seem to like them very much

2) You have to admire how the Paces are refusing to let their underdog status, against a champion that many people personally dislike, make them become lovable

1) If porn and romantic comedies have taught us anything about what happens before this much bitchy dialogue, at some point, these teams will just look into each other's eyes and start rutting like feral pigs

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