Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the Spurs' sweep of the Grizzlies

Sleep, sweet Zebo, Sleep
10) In retrospect, the Grizzlies' choice of playing "Don't Stop Believing" while they were being swept seems a little insulting

9) This is the 5th time the Spurs have reached the Finals, though you will be forgiven if you thought it was every other goddamn year since the early 90's

8) Perhaps trading Rudy Gay for the utterly useless Tayshaun Prince (worst +/- on the team) might not have been the best move for the Grizz after all

7) With the sweep, the Spurs have 10 full days off before the start of the NBA Finals, or just a week less than when the rest of the NBA has to report for preseason games

6) That Mike Conley Is A Great Point Guard train got a wee bit derailed by the fact that Tony Parker was the best player in the series by a wide margin

5) You can blame Marc Gasol for not having the killer instinct necessary to tend to a fallen Parker after hitting him in the eye in tonight's game, and for not doing it harder in the first place

4) His impending divorce, and the possible failure of his pre-nup, is clearly putting the bounce back in Tim Duncan's step

3) Several members of the Grizz made the all-defensive teams, not that they gave any indication of that in this series

2) Gregg Popovich now has a week and a half to prepare for his outstandingly curt and rude interviews with useless sideline reporters

1) Now that the Spurs have reached the Finals, we can all finally put to rest the idea that Tracy McGrady isn't a championship level player who should never, ever, get on the floor

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