Monday, June 17, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Point About Phil Mickelson Losing The U.S. Open

He's a guy who makes tens of millions of dollars, and pules about paying his fair share of taxes, because he's a terrible human being and worse citizen.

He gets props for caring about his wife and kids, mostly because he displays his wife and kids in public.

He talks about heartbreak, and at age 43, how he doesn't have many more chances left.

Um, boo woo.

He's a professional athlete -- that is to say, a guy whose job consists of nothing more than what he can do with his body -- with man boobs. The only real disappointment of the weekend is that Philly Fan disappointed me by cheering for him, rather than Random British Guy (Justin Rose) who doesn't get a luck bolt from the heavens by holing out an iron.

So Micklewuss chokes yet again, with a terrible sand wedge play and itchy short game, then can't get it in the fairway on 18 to win. I'll say it; he was lucky to finish second.

And a special shout out to everyone who thought a short course couldn't host an Open. No one broke par at Merion, so by the way I look at this, no one won the U.S. Open. But the one who lost it the most? Phil Mickelson, the 6-time Bitterest Loser at the tournament that he wanted to win the most.

Who said watching golf is boring?

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