Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Point (and Questions) about Dodgers v. DBacks and Zack Greinke

Not His Year
"If he doesn't do that, he loses a lot of respect in the clubhouse. It's more dangerous for him not to do that than to do that." - Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, about starting pitcher Zack Greinke hitting Miguel Montero in retaliation for DBack pitcher Ian Kennedy hitting Yusiel Puig

Um, Don? 

I realize it's been a long season, and you are under a lot of stress, what with the fact that you've been pretty much avoiding your GM for weeks now in the hope that if he doesn't find you, he can't fire you, and Puig might just make everyone forget about firing you in the first place.

But, um, might you remember what happened to Greinke the last time he got involved in festivities? That ended with Carlos Quentin breaking his collarbone.

And did you see what happened to Greinke the next time he went to the dish? That looked a little dangerous there, too.

So, Don... two quick questions.

1) Which Dodger is going to mess Greinke up if he doesn't throw at the opposition? (My money is on Andre Ethier. He seems to have plenty of free time to do Donnie Baseball's bidding.)

2) What degree of damage is going to be done that trumps a broken collarbone and getting thrown at by the opposing pitcher?

And one final point...

After the Dodger-Giants fan ugliness of past years... and the Dodger-Padre kerfluffle from earlier this year... and the back and forth snarkiness with the cross-town Angels...

Well, um, what exactly has gotten into the NL West and Dodgers, anyway? 

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