Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 10 Consolations for Spurs Fans

Sad Manu Is Sad
10) It really does not matter how old your stars are, since you don't get older when you are undead

9) Kawhi Leonard is an absolute beast right now, and going to get a lot better

8) From what I've seen of your fan base, you are very good at eating through your emotions

7) If they had won, many of the guys you really love to watch might have retired

6) Now that Tim Duncan has finally learned what it's like to lose an NBA Finals, he's really going to work hard at improving his game in the off-season

5) Danny Green still holds that all-time Finals three-point shooting record, so, um, that's good

4) Tony Parker won't be more susceptible to injury as he gets older, because he's French

3) Next time, Gregg Popovich will know not to remove Duncan and Parker in the last seconds of close games

2) The NBA is a copycat league, so every other team is going to sign fat Frenchies to wear LeBron James out before he gets to the Finals

1) For a very brief period of time, your team was actually popular in the parts of the United States that are not San Antonio

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