Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Charlie Manuel is questioning whether the Phillies can make a run

Um, Were
10) Have not done much with the momentum gained from the thrice-annual return of Chase Utley from the disabled list

9) Should actually have a worse record based on run differential and the number of times they've already played the Marlins, so they've actually been lucky so far this year

8) Philly Fan is already starting to look past this team for the option of looking past the Eagles, Flyers and Sixers

7) Unlike anyone else in Philadelphia, Manuel is still watching this team on a daily basis

6) With Domonic Brown not having hit a home run since June 8, the team hasn't had a highlight on a national sports network since, um, June 8

5) Ryan Howard has one less home run than Marlon Byrd, the same amount as Nate Schierholtz, and one more than Coco Crisp

4) Roy Halladay is making excellent progress following surgery, and could pitch again this year

3) Carlos Ruiz hasn't been the same since he stopped getting Sky Blue from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

2) Jonathan Papelbon is no longer perfect, the second and third best starters this year have been Tyler Cloyd and Kyle Kendrick, and they are longing for the results from last year's terrible bullpen

1) Manuel knows, from an ever-increasing amount of experience, that his general manager has no clue, that his farm system isn't going to save the day, and that winning a World Series a while ago ain't going to make anyone pay top dollar to see a sub-.500 borefest

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