Monday, June 3, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Grizzlies are letting Lionel Hollins talk to other teams

Um, seriously?
10) Really think that he didn't get enough out of a team that no one really thought was going to be a Final Four club

9) Hollins has deep philosophical differences with management, in that he thinks he should get paid and they do not

8) Having the most successful season in team history doesn't mean you should, you know, remain employed

7) The Grizz has a new owner and CEO, so Hollins does not have the right quality of toadying

6) Zach Randolph is said to have a strained relationship with Hollins, which is to say, Randolph knows that Hollins is, in fact, his coach

5) Hollins has been critical of the deal to trade Rudy Gay for Tayshaun Prince, which is to say, Hollins doesn't like the idea of trading a player who can play for one who can not

4) Memphis wants Hollins to go check out the Nets and Clipper jobs, because those teams couldn't possibly want a coach who could get them out of the first round

3) Getting Mike Conley to this level is clearly something anyone could have done

2) No team has formally requested permission to talk to Hollins yet, so maybe the Grizz think they can drive his price down

1) Getting swept is never good for your job security, regardless of when it happens

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