Friday, June 7, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Nuggets fired George Karl

No, Seriously
10) Feared that he wanted an extension, or as other employees might call it, money or job security

9) The track record of Coach of the Year is that you get fired in 18 months, so this is really just the Nuggets being 17 months ahead of the curve

8) Only won 57 games and the #3 seed in the West with a roster filled with guys that, statistically speaking, should never be allowed to shoot anything but lay ups and dunks

7) Really felt that he wasn't getting the most out of the untapped potential that is Kosta Koufos

6) Personally blame him for JaVale McGee's lack of court savvy

5) Karl's GM is now with Toronto, and the NBA is clearly now like when a signed rock band lost its A&R guy in the '90s

4) Karl is 62, has never won an NBA championship, and desperately needs to go coach the Clippers so that team can become an even bigger fraud

3) Didn't seem to hate Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for ending his team's season nearly hard enough

2) As the behavior of NBA teams in this off-season has shown, there is the teams that go to the Finals, and every other coach can hit the bricks

1) Weren't buying this whole transparent cancer survivor sympathy ploy

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