Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the Heat winning back to back NBA titles

Dan Gilbert Is Still An Idiot
10) Dan Gilbert now looks twice as idiotic as last year

9) Shane Battier's strategy of saving a month's worth of three point makes for one game paid off

8) After telling Heat Fan to stay home for Game Seven, Chris Bosh took his own advice

7) Erik Spoelstra's strategy of actually defending Danny Green at the three-point arc was genius

6) Dwyane Wade said this was their hardest series ever, which has to be seen as one last dig at Dallas, who, you might recall, beat them

5) Imagine how much of a home court advantage the Heat would have if their fans stay for all 48 minutes more often

4) Before we get too much into All Time Yada Yada, the Heat lose in six if the Spurs hit a free throw or grab a rebound in the last 30 seconds of Game Six

3)  The Spurs are so classy, they managed to play the Heat for seven straight games with neither team getting a technical or a flagrant foul

2) Mario Chalmers sticking the 30-foot bank shot to end the third quarter didn't officially clinch this, but you can be forgiven for thinking that it did

1) On some level, it warms the heart to see Ray Allen win another ring due to his astute decision to tell the Celtics to go pound sand

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