Friday, June 7, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Spurs - Heat Game One

Neither should shoot threes
10) It turns out that rust really isn't a big problem for a franchise that has won four previous titles, each time after a long layoff

9) The Spurs turned the ball over once per quarter, which really seems like something the Pacers should have tried

8) Just because Chris Bosh has made some three pointers doesn't mean that he should take three pointers

7) LeBron James has to be irritated that this Danny Green never showed up when they were both in Cleveland

6) ESPN's Jon Barry talked in the pre-game about how important Boris Diaw was going to be in this game for roughly more than he actually played

5) For a smart and well-coached team, the Spurs sure do seem to leave Ray Allen alone outside the three point arc a lot

4) Tony Parker seriously annoyed the Globe Trotters by stealing their fall to a knee, get up again and make an impossible shot routine

3) The Heat only got to the line 17 times tonight, against the Spurs 18, so you can probably expect that number to double after they spend the next 2 days working the refs in the media

2) Tracy McGrady was a DNP-CD tonight after pre-game speculation that he was going to retire after the season ends, which just goes to show that Gregg Popovich can not be so easily manipulated

1) When you close off a team on the road with suffocating defense while taking near pristine care of the ball, that is called winning, not stealing, the game

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