Monday, June 10, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Spurs - Heat Game Two

Tiago's End
10) After what LeBron James did to Tiago Splitter, George Hill doesn't feel so bad

9) Since Tim Duncan didn't shoot well from the floor in this game, he must be suddenly and irreversibly old

8) This game got so far out of reach, even Tracy "Gregg Popovich's Defeat Cigarette" McGrady got to play

7) This was Miami's fifth win after a playoff loss, all of which have been by more than 10 points, so it's clearly a bad idea to make them angry

6) Tony Parker shot four free throws tonight, or about a dozen less than he'll shoot in Game 3

5) You know this wasn't a very good game for James because there were enough loose balls around for even Chris Bosh to get to double digits in rebounds

4) You can watch a lot of basketball and not see a game with 13 lead changes and a 35-5 run

3) Shane Battier hit a three pointer and really earned his Participant ribbon

2) Joey Crawford officiated a game with 31 fouls, 28 free throws, no technicals, no flagrants, and no extended peep show camera time, just to show that he can

1) Seriously, no one is going to remember anything about this game that isn't that absurd block by James on Splitter

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