Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Spurs - Heat Game Six

Omigod No Shoe!!!
10) We were so, so close to the narrative of how LeBron James choked away a Finals

9) Tim Duncan's first three quarters were an inspiration to middle aged guys everywhere to do more, and the fourth and overtime, to drink more

8) It's not like anyone on the Heat will let this stop them from tearing him a new one at the next opportunity, but without Mario Chalmers, Miami isn't close enough to make a comeback late

7) If you were to give me a list of 200 guys who I might think might cause James trouble as a defensive stopper, Big Fat Frenchie Boris Diaw wouldn't be on the list

6) Erik Spoelstra has Jedi Mind Powers that cause opposing coaches to pull their best defensive big men late in games, to disastrous effect

5) Perhaps Manu Ginobili should have retired after Game Five

4) I'm not prepared to live in a world where Chris Bosh is a late game defensive stopper and clutch player

3) Luckily for people who can't focus long enough to watch a game, James took off his headband and Mike Miller made a shot while only wearing one shoe

2) We can all feel good for Heat Fan, many of whom stayed for the entire game

1) In all seriousness, having one more game of this series and playoff season is nothing but a win for everyone but Spurs Fan

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Snd_dsgnr said...

I want so badly to blame this on the two no calls in overtime, but the Spurs had opportunities to close this thing out in regulation and couldn't get it done either at the stripe or on the boards.

I feel bad for Leonard. On the James three at the end of regulation Leonard had both hands on the rebound and it squirted out of his hands somehow, them his first free throw on the ensuing possession just barely rims out. If he hangs onto that board or sinks that shot then he's wearing a ring today.

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