Monday, July 22, 2013

10 reasons why the Sixers coaching search is taking a while

Give it to one of these guys
10) Team is too busy changing jobs of people with actual power

9) They really wanted to give the job to Michael Curry, but the Orlando summer league team didn't bring home the only gold they have a shot at this year

8) Ownership still hung up on that crucial mascot decision from last year, so why would you think thus would go quickly

7) Craig's List ad with header of "Searching for a patsy" hasn't gotten them the kind of targeted leads they were looking for

6) After last year's debacle, want everyone involved to know just how big the tank job is going to be this year

5) Need to be sure that Jrue Holiday's brother, who is still only still on the roster but perhaps in line for opening night

4) Doug Collins' old man funk is still in the drapes

3) Want to give Charles Barkley and the world's sports bloggers something to list up in the Dead Time

2) There's some advanced metric basketball nerdery afoot that says this is a win

1) It's not easy to find someone who would actually take several years of near-total futility before being fired, never to return again

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