Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Point About Fantasy League Auctions Vs. Drafts

Case Closed
With very rare exceptions, once a player tries an auction, they don't go back to drafts.

Having said that, it's really not like checkers vs. chess. It's more like limit hold'em vs. no limit. Or riding a bicycle against riding a motorcycle. Or any number of things that are simple and tired and OK against things that are complex and fresh and fascinating.

What happens in drafts, assuming that you don't get the position you want (and few will) and aren't in a league with morons, is that you spend a few hours wondering why you bothered to join in the first place. Since signing s up for a league where, if you truly value the talent falling off a cliff after a certain tier, you've got no option but to just sit there and try to make the best of it.

But by all means, if you like drafts, keep doing them. They are like popcorn, after all: hard to resist, not terribly varied in terms of quality, empty calories, and popular as hell. Just don't be too surprised when your league keeps just the weaker players, when you find yourself in games with more and more folks who quit on things after a month, and less and less satisfied with the meal...

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