Friday, July 19, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Point About Marc Cuban Saying The Mavs Are Better Off Without Dwight Howard

He Still Has The Dance, Dammit
 Before we get into this... only Cubes could make me defend, in any way, one of the five most over-rated players on the planet. Marc Cuban is special, people! Just ask him!

Deep breath...

Didn't he say the same thing last year, after he couldn't tear himself away from a reality show long enough to recruit Deron Williams? (Not that Deron coated himself in glory last year, but at least he played in the playoffs.)

And also, weren't they in the running for LeBron James a couple of years before that?

And, um, didn't we use to hear how everyone wanted to come to Dallas, because Cubes took such care of the help? How's that working out?

S'ok, Cubes. I'm sure Monta Ellis will be dramatically better than OJ Mayo, despite being, well, the exact same damn player. Golden State got dramatically better after he left by coincidence, and the Bucks not wanting him at any realistic price is in no way a tell. Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert haven't wandered the NBA like Bedouin tribesmen because they are fungible losers that wear out their welcome through never getting any better at playing basketball, but because no one else is as smart as you. Dallas Fan will continue to fill the arena for more riveting games around the playoff bubble, in the big hope that they can say they were there when the team got turned into street pizza against a high seed.

Oh, and in other news, Dirk Nowitzki is old, the Mavs didn't make the playoffs last year, they won't this year, and no one seems very interested in taking Cubes' money despite being in a tax-free warmish winter state, because NBA stars find Cubes to be a clingy fanboy that makes them want to go wash up.

But it's all going to work out, because Marc Cuban is very, very smart. Just ask him!

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