Monday, July 29, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Is Dead. He Just Doesn't Know It Yet.

Pout All You Like
Perhaps the only thing that both the PED haters and the fans of the individual players, affected teams or just those who want the world to move on from all of this can agree on is this... the waiting for MLB's inevitable strike against the Biogensis suspects is, well, ridiculous and off-putting. Some teams, like the Tigers with Jhonny Peralta, the A's with Bartolo Colon, and the Rangers with Nelson Cruz are going to be severely impacted by this... and if you want to go on the other side of this, they should not be allowed to continue to profit from these players.

Other substantial players aren't in the playoff race, but are going to wreck or make fantasy seasons, or get folks to come to the park. And all of that speaks to an essential but increasingly ridiculous point about MLB, which is that some games and teams are more important than others.

So enjoy, all of those teams who fell behind the clubs with the affected players. The wheels of MLB justice ground so slow as to make your year and pennant race irrelevant, but the deterrent value of MLB action is sure, so very, very sure, to make any future cheat think twice.

Or, well, not.

Anyway, back to the titled problem. The Yankees have spent much of this season trying not to talk about their former World Series MVP (oh, and Phillies Fan that's all kind of bent about how their team lost to cheaters, just like the Patriots over the Eagles)... but also, ever since Kevin Youkilis broke (what were the odds, really) with sub-sub-sub replacement play at third base. So sub, in fact, that there's even dreams that Rodriguez with his 38 year old surgical hips and thoroughly spent personage -- it's not like he's been lighting up the minors -- could deliver something approaching relief.

Well, um, no.

He's got another strain, and remains on the DL. MLB has the biggest hard on you've ever seen for a cheat; most believe that he's looking at suspensions for all of this year and next. The next step is probably court or arbitration, where the Yankees try to get out of the remaining cash in the contract.

But if you were to give me an over/under of at bats in his career, I'd put it at 0.5.

And take the under.

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