Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daniel Snyder and Roger Goodell Are Still On Congressional Notice

Kicking Ass and Using Vowels
Eni Faleo- mavaega is the non-voting U.S. House rep from American Samoa. Today, he took to the floor of the House to make the small but obvious point that Roger Goodell and Dan Snyder are Filled With The Brown Stuff about their continued refusal to change their odious name, and that their reasons for staying the course (Tradition! No one's offended! If you are offended, you're wrong!) are, well, as ridiculous as the name.

Here's a small but telling point as to how Goodell and Snyder are the southbound end of a northbound dinosaur... if this is such a wonderful name, why aren't more teams moving toward it? Why not spend their time and money making sure that every college and high school team that switches off stuff like this stays with their old name?

Oh, right. Because Snyder and Goodell don't actually believe what they are saying. They just don't want to do anything that any one else ever tells them to do, because they can't fathom being made to admit they were ever wrong about anything. From the men that brought you Steve Spurrier, Albert Haynesworth, Scab Refs and Bountygate, we give you... Nickname Infallibility. Sure, OK.

And, well, I don't mean to note this every time it happens, because it's going to happen a lot over the years, up and until the moment that Snyder realizes that this particular set of convictions might possibly be costing him any amount of money.... but I made the tragic mistake of actually glancing at the comments accompanying the article. On a DC sports blog.

Slur Fan, you will be shocked to discover, is very angry about this. (Marvin the Martian Voice on) Very, very angry indeed. (Marvin Voice Off)

You see, in a collective league where your cable bills, merch buys, television ad revenue and ticket money is pooled to a pretty substantial degree, it's no one's business but theirs what Dan Snyder calls his team. The other 31 teams that allow this established obscenity to continue are in no way affected or complicit. Why, they can't even find Native Americans who are offended by this! Mostly because finding Native Americans is hard, given how many of them we killed and shunted off to godforsaken reservations. But I digress.

This just in, Slur Fans: it matters what your team is called because they get my money, along with yours. They demean the human spirit outside of their local metropolitan area. Even if the decimated and downtrodden demographic that's had to accept five hundred years of things far worse than your choice of casual pejorative doesn't care very much about it, probably because grinding poverty makes you not care what billionaires call their toys. It matters.

And it's not Political Correctness, or Creeping Socialism, or Rampant Liberalism or any other bogeyman that you'd like to blame for why decent people think your name is an embarrassment.

Rather, it's a little thing called taste.

And we're not going to lose ours just because you can't be bothered to grow any.

Oh, and to counter the inevitable Congress Has Nothing Better To Do Than This argument? The House of Representatives has voted 37 times to repeal Obamacare, when it has never, not once, not ever, had a prayer of having that passed in the Senate. Reasonable people, I suspect, would wonder what was accomplished on Try #37 that wasn't accomplished in the first 36.

So five minutes to tell Snyder and Goodell that they are still on notice for being asshats may be this session's best day of 2013...

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Kasey Loessberg said...

Don't know who is worse, Snyder or Jones.

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