Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Eagles Sign Lane Johnson Without Drama

Lane Signs
There are few things in sports fandom better than when you actually agree with the ownership of your team. So in an era when playoff games haven't existed for a very long time for Eagle fans, and the games have been an utter tire fire, there is something tremendously reassuring about what's been going on for weeks now.

Namely, all of the draft picks have been signed, without acrimony or drama.

Today, the last domino fell, with Lane Johnson, the fourth overall pick from Oklahoma, and the first pick of the Chip Kelly era, doing the deed. There was no notice in the media, no sense that Johnson was going to hold out, no missed time in the July heat, no sense that the young man was going to be behind the eight ball from starting on Day One (and yes, he should start on Day One, because the 2013 Eagles will not be a playoff team, which means they need to spend the year finding out if Johnson is going to be a part of the 2014 club that might)...

And yes, I know that signing first round picks is a lot easier than it used to be. Hell, the Dolphins even got Dion Jordan to sign a We Don't Pay If We Cut You deal, which has to be considered as something of a slap in the face to Jordan, but still. This franchise does not exactly have a spotless record of getting such things done, and if the only time you notice stuff is to complain, you are doing it wrong.

So welcome to the fold, Mr. Johnson. Today, no one in the fan base is going to say a bad word about you. You've missed no time, made no waves, and made us not think at all about anything that isn't between the lines. Now, just do this for the next 10 to 15 years, and arrange to get the number 69 to go with your Beavis Moment of a last name, and we're all going to be dangerously happy...

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