Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the $100 million Dustin Pedroia deal

Dustin with David Ortiz
10) Long term deals for injury prone players at positions where people get hurt all the time are always a good idea

9) By the time his contract is up, Pedroia will be 38 and have survived at least half a dozen fan apocalypses

8) Yankee Fan is convinced that Boston overpaid him so that his club won't be able to afford Robinson Cano

7) The Red Sox pretty much had to pay him, since he might be the only positive offensive player in MLB who seems unlikely to be on PEDs

6) If you believe in contract years, you really need to trade him in your fantasy league right now

5) You could call him overpaid, but it's not like there are an abundant number of second basemen who can hit, field and run

4) This contract gives Pedroia an excellent chance to saddle just one team with an unmovable contract for his entire career

3) The payday lets him fulfill his lifelong desire of going back to his California hometown, buying it, and then burning it to the ground

2) You might think he's set for life now, but he's a professional athlete, lives in New England and has a wife and two kids, so, well, maybe not

1) There is no truth to the rumor that if you steal his hat and refuse to give it back, you are now in line for a tremendous payday

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