Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Dwight Howard's Free Agency

Sad Dwight Is Sad
10) Dwight's going to take his time, so that he can make sure he ruins as many franchises as possible

9) The Lakers' pitch might not be that effective, since it's being delivered by the people Howard wants most to avoid

8) Golden State is interested in retaining his services, since that franchise never reacts well to being fun to watch

7) Texas has the inside track as a no state income tax state, since Howard's poor year in California was entirely attributed to that damned state income tax deduction

6) To get under the cap for him, Houston cut Aaron Brooks and Carlos Delfino, and would have to get rid of Jeremy Lin, or as Rockets Fan calls it, the second best thing about the deal

5) It's adorable that Atlanta thinks they are part of the running here, like they are a real live grown up NBA franchise and all

4) In the simplest analysis, of course Howard wants to stay, seeing how the Lakers can pay the most and won't be burdened with so many extra games after the regular season is over

3) If you think that this is an awful lot of hubbub for a big man you can't play in crunch time due to horrible free throw shooting, who has back issues, is foul and technical-prone, and spent much of last year looking like the NBA's most overrated player... remember what the Sixers paid for Andrew Bynum

2) You might notice that Howard isn't arranging a cabal of other star free agents to jump to a new team with him, mostly because no one likes him

1) This signing could definitely shift the balance of power in the NBA, assuming Howard stays healthy and motivated, there's a dozen-odd injuries to more valuable players, and pigs achieve jet propulsion

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