Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top 10 Takeaways from the NBA Free Agent Free For All

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10) JJ Hickson got paid to leave Portland, where he put up numbers without having a real role, to go to Denver and do the same damn thing

9) The Lakers are going to amnesty World Peace, just so they can be part of the oddest headline ever

8) Kwame Brown decided to exercise his $2.95 million option to stay with the Sixers for another year, proving that annual exercise is the proper work rate for him

7) Marco Belinelli signed with the Spurs, so his playoff run with the Bulls turns out to be his real level after all

6) Several teams are interested in Andrew Bynum, because he did so much for the last group of men that hired him

5) Paul Milsap is going to Atlanta, where he'll start an exciting new chapter in his career as the key to a teatm that gets into the playoffs and exits in the first round

4) J.R. Smith turned down the chance to make more money elsewhere to stay with the Knicks, continuing his very disappointing evolution into someone who makes reasonable decisions

3) Josh Smith went to Detroit, where he'll be coached away from nonsensical three point attempts by new assistant coach Rasheed Wallace

2) David West took a 3-year deal to stay in Indy and re-enact last year's punking by the Heat

1) Now that the Lakers have locked down Chris Kaman, it's official: they are the new Clippers

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