Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 10 takeaways on Metta World Peace going to the Knicks

He'll Fit In
10) On a team with Amar'e Stoud- amire, Andrea Bargnani, JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony, his chances of looking like the Defensive Player of the Year are going to skyrocket

9) He's from the area, and it's always a good idea for crazy people to have more day to day contact with their relatives

8) He's only 23 more teams away from having a jersey from every franchise

7) Now that Smith is out for the next 3 to 4 months with knee surgery, he's sure to get all of the three point shots he can brick

6) At 33 and in his 14th year, he represents one of the younger recent acquisitions for the team

5) Like many aging drama queens, just can't resist the allure of a Broadway show

4) What with the Lakers paying him over 4X of his Knicks paycheck this year, can actually afford to live in New York

3) His defensive reputation, if true or based in current reality, would be such a good counterpoint to the rest of the roster

2) There's no chance that MWP on his sixth team and 14th year will in any way corrupt Smith into going back to his old wacky ways, especially now that Smith got paid this off-season

1) When your choice is between James Dolan and Donald Sterling as your employer, you're going to go with Dolan, even if it means moving your family 3,000 miles

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