Monday, August 26, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Note To NFL Preseason Apologists

Woo Hoo, I Say, Woo Hoo
There was once a pro football league, in America, that flatly rejected the notion that they needed to subject their players to meaningless competitions starring players who, for the most part, had no future with the club.

That league had outstanding players, attracted some of the best talent around, and suffered no PR backlash from the paying public or media for how unspeakably sloppy their product was in the early going. Instead, their fans greatly appreciated the goodwill shown by the league for their disinterest in an extra thumb in the eye to the customers.

That league, of course, was the USFL.

If and when the NFL eliminates preseason football games, no one -- and I do mean no one -- will shed a tear for it. Especially if it means that we get more regular season games, fewer pointless injuries, less local telecasts, and the ability to, well, have your fantasy draft turn into real games ASAP.

So, please do not insult us with your obvious kowtowing to the corporate overlords. Preseason is what we thought it was; cheap money makers, priced to the season ticket holders at full price, with limited, at best, diagnostic or coaching value. This will go away in our lifetime. (Please.)

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