Friday, August 9, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Point About The Release Of The NBA Schedule

Hold Your Fudge, Somehow
I am the biggest NBA fan I know.

I have been a season ticket holder, willingly, for a team that regarded Doug Moe and Shawn Bradley as Saviors.

I'm even looking forward to this next year, when my Sixers are going to be very fortunate to win 12 games and use more than 4 players who will be on the next good Sixers team, eta 2015.

No one I know, and no one I have ever known, has gotten very excited about the release of the regular season schedule.

The reason why? Because it's the regular season. Every team gets 41 games at home, 41 games on the road. No one will, or should, remember what happens in any of those games -- not even the ones you half watch on Christmas Day, or the opener, or even those super-special bi-annual Finals rematches.

What we remember from the NBA season are moments. DeAndre Jordan throwing down a dunk that ended Twitter. Blake Griffin doing much the same to Kendrick Perkins. Buzzer beaters and full court shots, Step Curry going off against the Knicks in the Garden, the Heat and Nugget streaks, and so on, and so on. Mostly, we remember the playoffs. None of this is a new development; it is simply how things are, and have always been.

So to call the release of the schedule a wildly anticipated day, and to call out a dozen mildly intriguing dates for their Z-level intrigue (oooh! what will Boston Fan do when Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett come back, and will anyone over the emotional age of six give a damn? how about the level of snitfight when Kobe Bryant tips off against Dwight Howard? Feel my nipples, I'm so excited!)...

Well, um, folks?

Your predilection for Story over Game is showing.

And given said predilection, can I suggest a new viewing pursuit for you?

Because professional wrestling has much more to offer in the way of Good People And Bad People And Comeuppance, and won't tax your mind too much with things like statistics and the not dramatic relevance of a game that counts for about 1.2% of the season...

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