Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Flyers Want You To Watch Paint Dry, Because On Some Days, This Snarky Sport Blog Writing Hobby Just Writes Itself

Oh What A Piece Of Work Is Flyer Fan
From the Stop Making My Hobby Too Easy file...

The Philadelphia Flyers (that's NHL, for those of you who do not watch hockey) are using social media to try to set a new Guinness record for the most people ever to watch paint dry at once.

No, seriously.

Monday at 11am, the region's jobless and lifeless will converge on the Wells Fargo Center to watch team personnel paint logos on ice.

(Side note: Guys? It's August Freaking 19th. Hockey doesn't start for another six weeks. I get that the Phillies are completely unwatchable and that the Eagles only work one day out of seven, and that the Sixers are taking 2013 off to the approval of the surviving 18 Sixers fans... but still. Know your role and wait your turn.)

Now, I get the appeal of Flash mobs, and surrealism, and intentionally goofy humor... but coming from a franchise that most NHL fans consider to be something along the lines of the Evil Empire (more along the lines of the bozos who couldn't keep a self-destruct button in an accessible area then the folks who can blow up planets), this is just, well, off brand.

But there's still a chance for Flyer Fan to make this all work out.

Which is to say, fill the arena to the rafters and set the record...

And then boo like your life depends on it for the entire time.

Perhaps with a chanting side order of (owner Ed) "Snider Sucks"...

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