Saturday, August 3, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Phillies didn't make a trade at the deadline

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10) Just couldn't imagine life without Michael Young, since the first few months have been so magical

9) Jonathan Papelbon is just so cuddly, and clearly wants to be here so much

8) Shockingly, the rest of baseball doesn't seem to value the talent on a going nowhere team to the same extent that the team does

7) Sure they can get the same haul during the waiver period with less time left in the year

6) Since all of their own prospects tank, it's clear that everyone else's will, too

5) Cliff Lee has moved too many times, dammit

4) Sending Chase Utley to a farm upstate, or Oakland, just seems cruel, really

3) Rest of MLB seems to not buy the idea that Carlos Ruiz is going to hit like he did while on PEDs any minute now

2) Certain that they are going to rip off a couple of dozen wins in a row any minute now

1) To be fair, the same people that made all of the terrible deals to put together this team would be making the deals that break them apart, so it's not like they really were going to get value back

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