Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Brief And Obvious Point To NFL Players Annoyed By Fantasy Football Managers

Fantasy Is Sports Betting For Nits
Those folks who are rooting for you, and occasionally thank you for helping them win their game?

They are *gambling* on your production. Sure, it may seem like simple nerdery, and it may not be for enough money to even register to you as money, but trust me on this -- it's money. And the much bigger payoff of Ha Ha, I Was Right And You Were Stupid, to their friends and league mates.

Guess what happens to gamblers who lose? They get annoyed. Usually at the person they believe to be at fault for their loss. And when you gamble on a team, that blame gets spread around...

But fantasy players aren't gambling on teams. They are gambling on you. Just you. Not your teammates, not your offensive line, not your quarterback or your defense or special teams or coaching or anything else. Just you.

So, despite this being the age of Twitter and Facebook and direct connection to the "fans", please understand one simple and salient point.

You have many more people betting on you, rather than rooting for your team.

And the less you think about those people, and the more you focus on your job rather than these completely irrelevant people to your life...

Well, the better it will be for all of us. But mostly you.

Seriously, this hobby was so much better when a whole lot less people did it...

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