Sunday, September 22, 2013

NFL Week 3 Top 10 Takeaways

This Is For Washington Fan
10) Brian Hoyer, with just a small assist from Josh Gordon, ended the Brandon Weeden Era

9) Looking on the bright side, the Giants ran 10 plays in the first half that gained yards, weren't sacked on 76% of their snaps, and the game wasn't totally out of reach until the second half

9) Dallas out-gained the Rams by 292-18 in the first half, so, um, I guess the NFC East might have a mildly competent team after all

8) If you need an announcing team to tell you the rules of replay challenges a few dozen times a game, as if you have never watched football before or spend the telecast gobbling roofies, Dan Dierdorf is your man

7) The Patriots led the Bucs by 17 in the fourth quarter despite utterly identical team stats, because they are just that good at cheating

6) Ed Reed's Vengeance was somewhat lacking

5) Charger Fan is so relieved that he's got a brand new coach to choke away leads

4) During the time that you were reading this, the Jets were flagged for three more penalties

3) Green Bay is 1-2 after blowing a 16-point lead in Cincy, in a game that was more of an opera than a contest

2) Trent Richardson went from Cleveland to Indy, and took the Browns' offensive output with him

1) Detroit won in Washington for the first time ever, in 22 games in the District, dropping the defending division champions to 0-3 and all but ensuring that the NFL will let them keep their odious nickname for another year, since they won't be in the playoffs


Snd_dsgnr said...

Well, that was the most embarrassed to be a Giants fan I can ever recall being.

DMtShooter said...

In re the Giants, I have Hakeem Nicks on my fantasy team. It's a contract year for him. I'm starting to wonder if he likes money.

Snd_dsgnr said...

Sorta hard for the skill position players to be effective when the opposing front seven is spending more time in the pocket than the QB.

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