Friday, September 6, 2013

Six Brief And Obvious Points About The Riley Cooper - Cary Williams Fight

> Neither man was hurt from the funsies, or missed any amount of practice team

> Neither man is very likely to play a very big role on the next Eagles playoff team (earliest ETA 2014)

> It really does not seem like either man came into the event with an agenda, and probably just got into each other because they are both, well, demonstrable and verified idiots

> There is zero chance that you'd be hearing about this if the names on the back of the laundry were not Cooper and Williams

> If you really think that thus is going to have any impact on the team's chances to win on Monday night in Washington, or that this is evidence of a fatally divided locker room, you have a wildly unrealistic view of the Eagles' talent level, and how football games are won and lost

> The fact that I've written about this, then given the photo a caption that hinted at a love that dare not speak its name, is what we in the Web business call Clickbait, and yet also Foreshadowing

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