Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Nationals Postponed A Game Over Just A Dozen Deaths

Nothing To Notice Here
Cutting to the quick here, since I am just repeating myself...

As I said the last time there was a mass shooting, nothing will change from this, so let's not pretend it will. The fact that we've had six mass shootings in the past six years in this country, which was roughly what we had in the previous 50 years, means Not A Damned Thing. The fact that Australia has had none since banning assault weapons, and that Australia has more in common with the US than just about any country in the world, also means Not A Damned Thing.

We like guns more than people, and we always will, because guns are cool and make us feel powerful, and people do not. (To be fair, we also like our pets more than people, too.)

We can not do better, and we will not do better. Anyone who expresses pity for the dead are actually even more suspect than those who just ignore it, because they are either promoting a governmental policy that led us to the current status quo, or they oppose these policies but will not vote and work politically to the extent that is necessary to counter the single-issue gun enthusiasts. It's their world, so please do not make them mad or insecure, or they will kill you.

So weep not for the dead. Just be glad you aren't among them, and go on exactly as you did before. It is who we are, and it is what we do.

And the Nationals really should have played their game against the Braves tonight, because it's not like it rained or anything.

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