Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week 2 Takeaways

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10) Tampa DE Adrien Claiborne lost a sack and fumble when the refs called him for hitting Saints QB Drew Brees in the only way that was physically possible

9) Houston and Atlanta escaped with last second wins that will solidify their status as playoff pretenders

8) Bills Fan is liking the EJ Manuel Era a lot more than the last dozen stiffs that held the position

7) Robert Griffin is really turning heads as fantasy's best garbage time QB

6) The Vikings scored a touchdown on defense and special teams and still didn't win

5) That Colts Regression Year that no one outside of the stat nerds expected is here

4) Andy Reid is 2-0, and before anyone in Kansas City gets too excited, he was 2-0 last year, too

3) Baltimore beat Cleveland in a game that made voluntary blindness seem like a thoroughly preferable option

2) The NFC East is now 2-6, with the two wins both coming in the division

1) Trindon Holliday is now 19-0 in his last 19 regular season games

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