Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week Four Takeaways

Wicket Unstuck
10) Under the same principle by which we as a nation remove blameless children from abusive and unsafe households, Maurice Jones-Drew needs to be taken away from the Jaguars

9) Matt Cassell ended the Christian Ponder Era in the Vikings' game against Pittsburgh in London, mostly by inspiring the defense to not fold like a house of cards late

8) Joe Flacco threw five interceptions in a three-point loss at Buffalo, and it only seems like all of those picks happened while the Ravens were in field goal range

7) Your best choice for a fantasy league defense is whoever is playing the Jaguars, but playing your offensive guys against them is problematic, since they will be off the field for back ups in the third quarter

6) Kansas City went to 4-0 behind strong special teams play, patient play-calling to use the running game, and other things done just to irritate the living hell out of Eagle Fan

5) Proving that anything can happen on any given Sunday, the game in London was actually entertaining

4)  Brian Hoyer is now 2-0, because, um, well, I have no reasons as to how Brian Hoyer is 2-0

3) The Giants tried for a long time in today's game and still got blown out, so hopefully they've learned their lesson

2) Tampa learned that it wasn't all Josh Freeman's fault after all, though they are pretty sure he still sucks

1) Seattle came from 14 down on the road in Houston to win a game where they had 15 fewer first downs, just one less turnover, and threw for seven yards in the first half

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