Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top 10 NFL Week One Ad Questions

My Humps My Humps
10) How, exactly, do chronologically aware camels help to sell insurance?

9) How many start ups have failed due to the crippling illness and the general malaise that is produced by eating Domino's Pizza?

8) Would it have been so hard for Bud Light to teach America the proper way to pronounce the word "quinoa" (keen-wah)?

7) Does getting DirecTV ensure that you have to deal with a kitty litter pan from hell, since it turns your cat into a massive predator?

6) How do slip and slides help to sell beer with noxious additives?

5) Is there something in the "food" at Buffalo Wild Wings that makes people hallucinate?

4) Why does Chrome want to be known as the browser for complete idiots, when IE still exists?

3) Can the NFL players who are carrying people on their shoulders be any less enthused?

2) If I buy Nationwide Insurance, will leather-clad women deliver consumer electronics to my home?

1) Are Samsung mobile users all mindless prank monkeys, or does buying a Samsung mobile turn you into one?

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