Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Browns traded Trent Richardson

Don't Keep This Guy
10) Jim Brown never liked him, just like every other running back in the team's history

9) New GM and coach felt betrayed after spending a first round pick on him in their fantasy draft

8) Getting a first round pick from a likely playoff team is totally worth the #3 pick in the 2011 draft

7) Know now, like everyone else who watches the NFL, that they can lose 12 games this year with or without him

6) The current guys who are going to get fired aren't the same guys who got drafted Richardson, which is how rebuilding "works"

5) Want to give the current QBs on the roster as much of an opportunity as possible to show that they should have the job in 2014 by eliminating all RBs from the roster

4) After watching Eddie Lacy go down, convinced that only Alabama RBs are overrated coming out of college

3) Could not sit idly by while Donald Brown continued to draw an NFL paycheck

2) Richardson did not impress new OC Norv Turner, who never makes jaw-dropping mistakes in personnel

1) Wanted to set the new modern NFL record for Fastest Tank Job, and to give themselves the inside track to drafting Andrew Wiggins (shh, don't tell them)

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