Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Shaq became a minority owner of the Kings

Oh The Humoranity
10) Thinks this is the only way he can be sure to get on those "Gone Fishin'" photos

9) Helps him fulfill his goal of being professionally involved with every team in the league

8) Wants to help DeMarcus Cousins achieve his full potential as a dominant  big man who doesn't become a flippant and undisciplined vagabond

7) Worried that he was losing his status of Sactown's most hated man

6) Only way to finally put and end to those damned cowbells

5) As soon as anyone said "Shaqremento", the money was in their hands

4) Before we get too crazy about this, there's no dollar amount being announced, so his stake in the team could be Not A Big Deal At all

3) When he calls them the Queens now, it will be reported by the media, which is the only reason why Shaq does anything

2) They were the only people who actually believed that he fits in a Buick

1) Someone finally took his money

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