Friday, September 13, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Jets - Patriots

We Have To Stop Milling Like This
10) If you feel bad about watching this game, considering yourself blessed, in that a large number of people paid to see it while God peed on them

9) WR Stephen Hill's ball security skills show that he's got this whole Being A Jet All the Way thing down cold

8) The hard rain held off until the Patriots honored Tedy Bruschi, which is all the proof I need of the Almighty's opinion of Tedy Bruschi

7) If you are in a fantasy league where any Jet is owned and used, your fantasy league is way too damned deep, or way too damned stupid

6) Everyone got to stand on the field for a few more minutes to wait for a few Jets OL to leave a minute early

5) New Mark Sanchez throws as many game-ending interceptions as Old Mark Sanchez

4) The only thing uglier than the game was the weather, unless you also count the crowd

3) Julian Edelman set a new NFL record for most targets and catches with the least yards after catch

2) It's nice to see the Jets stay classy to the end with multiple ejections on the game's final play of consequence

1) If there's anyone still excited about NFL games on Thursday night, despite the unrelenting tedium and sloppiness that inevitably ensues, that is the ultimate triumph of Hope Over Experience

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