Friday, September 27, 2013

Top 10 ways Josh Freeman lost the Bucs locker room

Poor Autograph Skills, Too
I know I was a little dubious to the idea that Bucs QB Josh Freeman, having just lost the starting job, had also "lost the locker room", or so says the folks who always speak up when the coach needs air cover for something fairly desperate. But then I heard all of the reasons why...

10) Kept totally and rudely interrupting other people's private conversations with his play-calling

9) His mind control of Lavonte David to give up that 15-yard penalty to lose to the Jets was just wrong

8) Forced the defense to try to cheap shot Eli Manning and the Giants during kneeldowns last year

7) Hasn't done anything to fix the humidity or that ridiculous cannon

6) If it weren't for Christian Ponder, would be the QB for the only winless team in the NFC that wasn't in the East

5) Keeps mocking Dan Orlovsky for that safety play in practice

4) Was under center when they lost 8 of their last 9 games, and many of those games were on a team without a historically inept secondary

3) Just realized he went to Kansas State, which means that his ceiling is Steve Freaking Grogan

2) Wears way too muxh Axe, brah, just way too damn much Axe

1) The entire locker room came to the spontaneous conclusion that after 60 games and a 66 INT to 80 TD ratio, that he just might not be the guy after all

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