Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top Ten NFL Week 4 Ad Questions

Porking Your Girl
10) How sad do you have to be to buy into the idea that "couch gating" exists?

9) Why doesn't the Nationwide cat burglar just wait a minute for the regular burglars to leave, so she doesn't have to do all of the rhythmic gymnastics?

8) If I drink Bud Light, will I attract complete asshats into my home, gain weight, get a little rat dog and become a hopeless slave to superstition?

7) How, exactly, is spending $10 on chain store pizza not settling?

6) Is State Farm saying that Bear Fan is so clueless that they don't recognize the QB for their most hated rival?

5) How sad does your life have to be to care who stole someone else's fast food?

4) Does drinking Corona cause you to hallucinate about beaches?

3) Is the NFL trying to promote violence against women with their beyond hateful apparel ads?

2) If Chrome did less things, could I get through a normal session without crashing?

1) How much of an unspeakable slut do you have to be to leave your human male boyfriend to go cling to a pig, and how, again, does this help to sell car insurance?

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