Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eagles - Giants Takeaways

Waste Of A Good Dumpster
> LB Mychal Kendricks with a burst and stop on a running play sets up third and long...

> CB Brandon Boykin wins the battle to get WR Jernelle Jurnigan down, and that's a three and out

> Terrible punt by the Giants Steve Weatherford gives the Eagles good field position, and you understand why HC Tom Coughlin still fears PR DeSean Jackson

> The Eagle tempo hasn't been spectacular recently, and two plays for four yards doesn't help much

> On third and six with a surprisingly good pocket, QB Michael Vick throws a bad pick that TE Brent Celek never sees; at least Blue makes things better by taking a group celebration penalty to ruin field position

> It's always disappointing to hear "Cruuuiiiissseeee" at what is supposed to be a home game

> On third and 2, WR Hakeem Nicks makes a solid catch on CB Brandon Fletcher, but he really doesn't get any separation any more

> RB Michael Cox shows that there are holes to be had against this run defense if you have vision, not that he usually does

> On second and 1 from the Eagle 39, Manning has all day to WR Victor Cruz, and that was way too easy

> CB Cary Williams with a nice stop on Nicks on the WR screen to set up 3rd and 10

> Manning throws it out of the end zone as Nicks pules for a thoroughly ridiculous DPI; I'd love for WR Puling to get flagged for unsportsmanlike, just once

> K Josh Brown connects from 40, and he's going to do that a lot today

> Vick with utterly awful awareness for the sack and fumble from CB Antrell Rolle, and no, he's not right

> That's another three and out, a lot of boos for the first quarter, and we're closing in on the fifth straight quarter of really bad offense

> Giants STs almost give the gift of the year on a punt, but it stays theirs

> Manning to TE Brandon Myers for kitteny soft deep ball, and RB Peyton Hillis buried his blitzer

> LB Trent Cole actually had a hurry in this one, so tell the kids

> On third and 3, Cruz is open on the slant but can't keep his feet, and that's a gift drive stop

> Brown connects again from 44, and it's 6-0 Blue while feeling a lot worse

> McCoy runs 10 yards to get nothing, and he's been doing that a lot lately

> TE James Casey with an actual catch and play, and that's a first down and everything for the FA bust

> Vick gets one of those 10 seconds after the play ends grounding calls that are just ridiculous

> On 3rd and 23, RB Bryce Brown runs to the sidelines and deserves every ounce of the venom directed by the crowd

> You would never know that the Eagles have faced poor statistical defenses in the last two weeks

> After two middling runs, that's the end of the first quarter, and more of the hope that the offense will stop, well, sucking

> On third and 5 with a chance at a three and out and no points, it's Manning to Cruz for a big rollout and win, and that's just depressingly good by the QB

> Hillis through a big hole, and this is starting to look all kinds of quitty

> On third and 3 with the chance to avoid giving up a touchdown, it's Manning to Jurnigan on the slant that's always open, with no real pass rush

> Blue is getting all kinds of push by just, well, running straight ahead

> WR Rueben Randle with the unforced error on a cross

> Nicks continues his touchdown-free year in the back corner

> On third and goal from the 11, Manning ducks a blitzer but can't find his receiver in bounds for another unforced error

> Fox can't tell us who's hurt for the Eagles on the play, because that might involve the passing of information (it's Cary Williams from an eye poke)

> Blue takes an illegal snap penalty, which is new for everyone, really; Brown makes from 33 anyway, and it's 9-0 Blue

> McCoy makes a man miss and converts on third and short, and that's almost helpful

> McCoy crushed on the counter as Vick doesn't look in anyway threatening to the Giant ends

> C Jason Kelcie nearly disasters a snap, but Vick covered it for his only good play of the day

> Blue flinches to make it 3rd and 5, but TE Zach Ertz doesn't get separation or make a play, and that's another stop

> The last two games really isn't doing much for the idea that Kelly's offense can win in the NFL

> Manning to FB John Conner, who is embarrassingly open for a first

> 193 to 27 in yards at the 24 minute mark is making me wonder if there's some way I can stop watching football

> On third and 1, Manning from a spread offense to Nicks for the first, and why they don't just run it there, I have no idea

> Manning to Cruz for the winning DPI call, and that's all kinds of bull compared to what's been called in the game up to now

> Kendricks with a nice stop on Hillis to force a third and long at the edge of field goal range

> Manning avoids a sack from Boykin to save FG range, and that's a three point play

> Brown from 46, and he barely makes it to make it 12-0 Blue

> Matt Barkley in at the 2:24 mark, and hoo boy, here we go

> Barkley fumbles a snap, but gets it to Celek for yards, then backs it up for a first down

> Barkley to Jackson for the long and good out, and that's even competent

> Barkley misses an open DJ on a free play on offisdes, but picks up 15 for a weak late hit from DE Matthias Kiwanuka

> Ertz can't catch a hot cross for a big missed opportunity, but the touch on that was non-existent

> Wheel route to McCoy gets a flag on LB Jon Beason for another first, and Blue looks a little wobbly on defense now

> DJ for a nice little gain on a bubble screen for eight, and hmm

> McCoy dances the sidelines for another first, and this almost resembles fun

> Barkley to WR Jason Avant for a goal to go, and why Kelly takes timeout here, I don't know

> Barkley with a disaster play and fumble, and no, I wasn't surprised, having watched Eagle football for the past few years

> You could have, um, given the ball to McCoy there after so many consecutive passes, without a timeout

> That's four drives and four turnovers for Barkley, and honestly, a TD makes this an actual game and everything, since Green gets the ball to start the second half

> On 3rd and 6, the defense can't get Hillis on the ground, so ends any chance for points

> Green is booed off the field, with cause, en route to their 10th straight home loss

> KR Damaris Jackson had an actual return to start the second half, maybe the first of he year

> McCoy and Jackson for a first down with actual crisp offense

> Kelcie with an offsides, which should never happen

> McCoy with two more good runs, and Brown gets the last yard to recover from the flag with three runs

> DJ nearly fumbles at the end of a good bubble, but it gets out of bounds

> McCoy returns on third and 2 and gets it easily; nice tempo now

> Shady makes a man miss in the backfield for another nice gain, but he can't do it on second down, with Barkley just not taking the edge at all

> On third and five, Barkley holds it forever for the sack, then Kelly goes for it on 4th and 9, rather than try a 50-yarder; Barkley misses Avant and yeesh

> That was the first drive in Barkley's career that didn't end in a turnover

> Cruz got savaged by Fletcher on a play that wasn't a penalty but will be a fine

> S Nate Allen with a nice stop on Nicks, and that's a three and out when the team desperately needed it

> Great punt by Weatherford to make things difficult for Green as Cruz leaves for the probable concussion

> Three runs and out for Green as Barkley just makes the read option a joke

> P Donnie Jones bombs one for effort, but short of Blue mistakes, this one's over

> Manning gets a grounding on a rush by LB Connor Barwin, and why these flags always take a committee now, I have no idea

> Batted ball by Barwin on the next play as actual evidence of crowd noise enters the stadium

> Second straight three and out for the defense, who, just like last week, deserves better

> Weatherford destroys a punt that Jackson can't field, and that's another huge play for the Blue punter

> WR Riley Cooper with a catch, which is one of those things we have to notice, really

> Brown destroyed by DE Justin Tuck as Barkley seems incapable of pulling the ball back for any reason whatsoever

> Barkley to Jackson, who doesn't take the right line to move the sticks, and that's a three and out

> It's getting harder and harder to see how this isn't actually a terrible offense

> Jones with his worst punt of the day, just to make sure no one feels good about their game

> On third and one, toss sweep to RB Michael Cox, who barely gets it, but it says something about where Coughlin thinks this game is

> Cruz returns, and that's three quarters of why are we watching this

> Eli starts the fourth looking particularly aggrieved on personnel movement before a motion flag

> Manning takes a delay flag, just to remind everyone that Blue isn't very good, either

> Nicks can't get the feet down in the end zone, yet again

> Third and seven is stopped, and if you have Josh Brown in fantasy, you are the only happy person watching this game

> I guess it's still a game at 15-0, but um, it's not

> Barkley with yet another lack of awareness sack

> Johnson got a catch, which is another of those depressingly rare events

> On third and four from mid-field, missed assignment, destroyed QB, and a concession punt

> Jones makes the, um, strategy even worse with a middling kick

> On 3rd and 5, Cruz for the slant and conversion, nice courage after the earlier injury

> On third and 5, Boykinw with the break up on a throw to Nicks, and that was nice

> Avant gets called for a push off rather than convert a fourth down, and yeah, that's this team

> On 4th and 20, check down and yeah, you can start freely streaming defenses against Green in fantasy

> A Manning sack by DT Fletcher Cos with 4:20 left counts as, I guess, the defensive highlight

> An unreal mistake on STs, with Weatherford not kicking the ball out of the end zone, and it's suddenly 15-7

> Kelly doesn't go for two, because he doesn't want to, um, ruin the momentum

> Eagle Fan actually sings the theme song after that, because, well, why not

> Kelly goes for an onside kick, which doesn't work at all, and, um, I have no idea why he did that

> On third and 2 with a killshot in front of them, the Giants take another delay penalty, just to make sure everyone knows they aren't any good, either

> It's a shame either team has to win this game

> On 3rd and 7, Manning finds Myers, who gets away with OPI to end this

> Barkley showed all kinds of arm in the third Eagle turnover of the day

> The Giants are now 2-6, and just need Dallas to fall apart to still be alive in the awful East

> I'm trying to remain optimistic about the Kelly Era... but it's getting lonely on this bandwagon

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Snd_dsgnr said...

On some level I guess I should be taking heart in this, considering the Giants are only two games back in this terrible division. But frankly I think I'd rather have the high draft pick than to sneak into the playoffs and get curb stomped.

Problem is freaking Jacksonville and Tampa have 1 and 2 on lockdown.

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