Friday, October 11, 2013

Please, Mike Ditka, Go On (And On, And On...) About Your Politics

The Shirt Was a Filthy Lie
And here's that post! Story on the Internets today that NFL studio geisha Mike Ditka, who is paid by a vast number of Americans indirectly through their cable bills whether or not they share his political beliefs or his taste for football, blames himself for the current American President, because he didn't run against him for Senate back when the menace could be stopped.

No, seriously.

Now, a few points on this. First, I'll make the mistake of getting into the weeds of his specious argument. What Ditka is saying here is that he, through the sheer force of his Ditkaness and utter amateur nature of running a political campaign, would have easily defeated someone who overcomes a terrible name and multiple well-financed experienced political animals (Hilary Clinton, John McCain and Mitt Romney, all of whom had Obama crushed on money and other factors at various points in their campaigns). So it's not just Obama's supporters that he'd like to take a crap on right now, but also everyone who went for Hilary, McCain or Mitt. (He also puts himself into the dustbin of history of people who underestimate Obama. Crowded dustbin.)

At this point, you might start to wonder who Ditka didn't crap on. Given his age and intellect -- remember, this is the guy that trades an entire draft for Ricky Williams, and never wins a damned thing without Buddy Ryan's decade-shattering defense -- I'm not ready to rule out anyone from that bucket.

But let's get out of the weeds of the dumb statement and dumb idea, and get back to the sum and substance of what was done here. A man whose only income is to talk about something that should be a respite from all political caterwauling has... decided to bring his political caterwauling into it. Hell, even Keith Olbermann doesn't do that, you mook!

I could agree with every damn thing that comes out of Ditka's mouth at this point, and still want him fired, because it's the wrong place and the wrong time to do anything but infuriate and inflame *everyone*, since you have the Neutral Pundit Job and went off the rez. You are the activist spraying paint at Thanksgiving dinner, the guy with a bullhorn who wants to interrupt the concert, the football equivalent of Fred Phelps people at military funerals. No one, and I do mean no one, with a brain in their head wants to hear your views on this right now.

And by doing so, he's done exactly what every NFL studio geisha tells us is the worst crime in team sports, (and Ditka is part of an ever-widening team)...

He's made it all about him. And his politics, which are now impossible to not know. Which might get him run from his current job. And until then...

Feel free to scroll on down to NFL Network, is all I'm saying. It's not like you are going to be missing all that much.

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